“Time is the only Asset we hold for the moment”

Time management is the most critical task that we have to do on a daily basis. If this task is completed then we all are saved from unnecessary tantrums.

Imagine that you have to eat a frog within 24 hours. What will you do? Eat it early so that you can complete the task and move on to other tasks or stick on to it and prolong till the end of the day. Which do you prefer? The former denotes that you save time and the latter denotes the act of procrastination. So, come let us see how effectively we can manage time.

There are three methods proposed by Brian Tracy which we can follow and effectively manage our time.

Method 1: Setting the table

Before doing any task we must have the clarity in-order to complete them efficiently. Design a plan to achieve those tasks. Stick on to the task and create deadlines for each tasks. Monitor the tasks and do the tasks everyday so that it leads us forward to achieve our goal.

Method 2: Plan everyday in advance

Use the 6’P Formula: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. As the formula suggests, we must have a plan before performing any tasks. This saves time and prevents confusion at the last minute. There are four ways through which we can plan our tasks. Many of us have various plans in our mind but we fail to accomplish them because we don’t pen them down. In order to do so create four types of list in which we have to write down our goals and tasks that we have to achieve.

  1. Master List– This is the end list i.e this list contains life goals. Pen down all your long term objectives in this list
  2. Monthly list- In this list we have to pen down all the tasks on a monthly basis. Few of the tasks in this list should correlate with the task on the master list
  3. Weekly list- This list should contain all the activities on a weekly basis and must correlate with the monthly list
  4. Daily list-This is our routine list where we have to right down our activities or tasks on a daily basis.

By creating all these list we can save time and accomplish our goals within the stipulated time period.

Method 3: ABCDE Technique

This method is purely based on prioritizing the tasks we do. This helps in focusing on our tasks that are important. This gives us clarity on when we have to do what. Thus, this technique helps to us prioritize our task and focus on one particular task.

These are the methods we can follow and manage our time. We all have 24 hours a day and the productivity of each of us depends on how well we manage our time. Hope this article helps you in managing your time.

Covid-19: How it changed the way I live?

“Cherish every moment you live because the future is nowhere”


The phrase which I’ve mentioned above is so evident in this pandemic. Yes! Corona has definitely changed the way in which we live our lives and have taught us various life lessons.

We are now living in this technological world where humans are planning to shift their house to Mars, the robots are replacing human beings, launching flying cars and so on. We all are busy in accumulating wealth and exhibiting power. In such a scenario, who would’ve imagined that a small micro-organism will lock down the whole world? Astounding! Right?

Covid-19 has definitely replaced power and health with humanity and have taught a lesson to many that all the materialistic things are just like a speck of sand because it has affected the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the light and the dark. All the differences and discrimination are the same in front of this Virus because it identifies and affects only Humans. In the mean while the earth has taken a break from its daily chaos and it is now replenishing itself.

Just like all others I also have the fear of this pandemic but also I take this opportunity to feel grateful for many things. I am grateful that I’ve understood the value of friendship, I’m grateful I understood the value of love, I’m grateful that I’ve understood the value of time, I am grateful that I’ve understood the value of my classroom, I’m grateful that I’ve understood the value of walking- which I’ve never done before, I’m grateful that I’ve understood the value of everything that I own- Roof above me, food in my plate, clothes I wore, air I breath moreover a beautiful family that I love.

This is the perfect time which I used to analyse my strength and weakness and have figured out the best way to start my career. I’ve taken this opportunity to revamp myself in the same way that the world is healing!

I request each and everyone of you to sit back, analyse and think what could be your next step in life. Then definitely one day you’ll feel grateful for the life you live.


As we are stepping into a new decade, here I am wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

New year is an opportunity to each and everyone of us to restart our journey to reach our goals,rectify our mistake to groom better version of ourselves, to make resolutions, to forgive and forget each other, to create a new hope and to sow seeds for the future.

Each new year has 365 days,53 weeks this provides us 365 new opportunities each day. Good and bad things may pass by each new day but they are the passing clouds but only permanent entity which we won is ourselves.

With this small note, I’m reminding you all to utilize the opportunity that god bestows you with, dream big, achieve more and nurture yourself . Once again Happy new year 2020!


Today we are living in a highly disruptive world so it becomes a tough job for a company to analyze the preferences of the customers because it keeps changing at a rapid speed due to various external factors. Analytics plays a major role in predicting the behavior and preferences of customers which enables the organization to create a competitive edge to sustain in long run and to stay ahead of its competitors by both acquiring and retaining its customer base which in turn builds a brand image.

Different companies use huge amount of data collected from customers to predict their preferences of the so that they can provide tailor made and customized product. This also helps the company to be proactive. There are various methods used in analytics but the best method to find the preferences of the customers is PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS.

What is Predictive Analytics?

The predictive analytics is a tool which brings in management, information technology, analytics and business process together to predict the future preferences of a customer. The AI is also used as a part of Predictive Analytics.

What Data should be collected?

Structured- This type of data includes Demographic variables, Geographic variables, Psycho-graphic variables, spending patterns etc.,.

Unstructured- Raw data which is collected from call centers, social media content etc.,.

There are series of process involved in predictive analytics to determine the customer preference. They are as follows:-

To begin with the process first a particular set of customers has to be identified from the collected data i.e. Customer Segmentation should be done.

  • UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS: The basic but the most important step is to understand the customer needs for this process analytics tools like Google analytics could be used so that need of the customer for a particular product could be identified and next time when the purchase has to made can be predicted.
  • PRODUCT FEEDBACK: Feedback on the different products should be received so that any improvements needed by the customers can be made in order to predict their expectations. This is also used to predict what customer prefers in the exact moment.
  • IDENTIFYING THE RISK FACTORS: The factors in which customers feel disappointed about the product could be identified and corrective measures could be taken in order to retain customers.
  • PREFERENCES BASED ON PRICES: The level of expenditure can be used to determine the price preferences of the customer based upon this the pricing strategy` could be fixed by the company.
  • TRAFFIC ON THE WEBSITE: Number of customers who visits the website should be traced so that customer preference to a particular product can be identified.
  • PREEMPTIVE SERVICE: This step is used topredict the life events which mean that the company can proactively approach customers based on their preferences about new products and their probability to buy those products.
  • SURVEY: By using this technique the intentions of buying behavior and the preference of the customers could be predicted.

Thus, Predictive analytics is used to predict the preferences of the customers. It is highly proactive and also improves the customer experience. The above mentioned steps provides us a clear understanding on how  predictive analytics should be used to process new data which gives a good results when used correctly and strategically.


Life: The game of uncertainty

“It doesn’t matter how short or long your life is but your mission matters”


Life is a beautiful game with several players were everyone of them has got a crucial role to play. We assume that there is a humongous gap between our life and death but the truth is its diminutive. Many of us think that there are re-incarnation but karma plays its role to the fullest in a single life span.

Everyone of us have a purpose in life but mission is much more important than the purpose. Every small steps we take to reach the purpose creates a tremendous change in our lives.

We fail to acknowledge little messages which comes in disguise through the people around us. The good deeds we do helps us in building relationships which last longs. All the little things we do will definitely pay the debt in our last breadth.

The meaning of our life is created while we live but the purpose is revealed only during our death. Treasure the people who stand by you in your tough times because they are the ones who will stay by the side of your coffin.

Do good and the good will come to you.Be ready to face all the uncertainties that the life throws at you. At the end, we all are puppets who dance to the rhythm of fate.


Have you ever been in between success and failure? If so this blog is just for you.

“Attitude is an Internal reaction to the External action”


Through success we earn pride, through failure we gain experience but only in rejection we learn the lesson. Life is all about uncertainties in-spite of all the technological advancements, nothing could be predicted in advance. All we can do is to change the outlook towards life.

Everybody in this world has to overcome their hardships but it takes a lot of effort and time to do so. One such effort is changing our attitude in the things we see, situation we come across and problems we handle.

I’m a woman, who is always waiting to utilize the opportunity by exploring different things and giving my personal best by putting all my efforts. But very few times certain things have worked out but many times I’ve faced lot of rejections. Despite of all the rejections and disappointments I’ve never stopped chasing my dream. Every human has to take a break just to replenish themselves but that break should not turn into a full stop. At times even I need a pause to swallow all the rejections and again to rise with full energy to chase my dream- And I call this as attitude, a positive attitude towards life.

It’s definitely fine to face rejections in life one day with all our lessons we’ll definitely taste success but to decrease the gap between the success and failure you need to develop the attitude. The right attitude to perceive things and react.

Attitude is one of the main skills these days which defines the personality of a person. Hard work and perseverance are also the dimensions of attitude, it’s how we look at things. So If you have to excel in life CHANGE THE ATTITUDE because it is all that matters.


MBA is not a degree which teaches us subject, it is something which teaches what life is all about. Being an MBA student is not an easy task. There are lot of expectations from society, family, friends, teachers, parents and well wishers and it has to be fulfilled. More than expectations there have to be responsibility in each and every one of us. To enhance by personality to fully develop as a person and a leader GRGSMS gave me an opportunity and that opportunity is MBA PLUS.

Like every other student I stepped into GRGSMS with a desire to pursue my dream. This Institution provides us bundle of programs which grades up our life to the next level. When I came into the college I was just a girl with opaque vision towards life but after a year GRGSMS has transformed me into women with clear vision.

I always had a spirit to try out new things and I would love to challenge myself. I always wanted to engage in every activity of the college and I wanted to prove myself as an outstanding student. One fine day we got information about MBA PLUS from the student’s affairs co-coordinator, I thought “Why not give it a try?” Without a second thought I nominated myself for the MBA Plus program, but that wasn’t an easy task the students had to clear various levels of interview with a very high standard- Well GRGSMS has its own standard and meeting that standard needs lot of dedication and hard work.

I was lucky enough and I cleared all the process of the interview- Aptitude round, personal Interview. The main aim of MBA Plus is trigger the Leader in each and every one of us and to transform us into a complete MBA student and above all a responsible human. The courses offered were above the standard level and some of the courses were Time management, critical thinking, decision making, assertiveness, consciousness, communication. Apart from MBA these are the courses which give insights about life.

MBA Plus is a skill based program; through this what we learn in class could be practiced on a daily basis and developed into skills. I learnt the art of managing things together and make proper decisions, how to think in a most difficult situation, how to stabilize the emotions, how to make a strong team, how to talk to people and treat them and above all how to improve our self esteem. The one main thing which made me change as a person is that the time management. Everybody in this world has got only 24 hrs and our efficiency depends on how effectively we use it and make each day better than yesterday.

As a whole, MBA Plus is an emotion. It’s a privilege to wear the badge. It’s a wonderful feeling where other students look up to us and it’s our duty to live up to the name. Once again I’m proud to be an MBA Plus student- which is a small achievement for me in the process of achieving my dream.




What is happiness? Where do we find happiness?

Many people in this world run behind money but the fact is that they are running behind time. So, in this chaos how can we find happiness.

Lets us see life from two different perspectives,

  1. There is a well educated man who is married to his love and has three children. He is working under another man who is his superior officer and gives him orders. He toils day and night in order to achieve his superior’s target. This man is flowing with debts because he acquired certain things which he thought would give him happiness and status in exchange of money. At this juncture he doesn’t have much time to spend with his family and he forgets his self interest and portrays the image of happiness to the external world in form of objective luxuries.
  2. There is a young man who has completed his basic level of education and married his love. He started his own venture and was working under his own targets, gives employment to other people. He plans his target in advance with his self determination. He never wanted to fake the image of happiness to the external world and was contented with whatever he had. There was always a place for his personal life. He is a self made man and tries to live in reality.

Now, from the above perspectives who is living a happy life?

Happiness always lies within our-self, it up to us to envision it.

“Happiness cannot be seen, it has to be felt”

know your Destination

Imagine you are travelling on boat in the ocean.There are two boats , one boat which has a direction and its destination, the other boat don’t. The boat which has a destination has a purpose,value and progression in every minute it moves forward. No matter what the hurdles are, it faces all of them and reaches its destination which makes its journey complete.

Think of the other ship which is not destined will never find its way to shore and the chances are high for it to drown and its journey stops there and it becomes meaningless and incomplete.

This illustration could be applied to life as well. Have a goal, set your path to achieve the goal no matter what the life throws at you face them with courage and move forward this will help you reach the destination.

“Define your goal, set the path,work for it,progress more and reach the destination”